The effectiveness of 200V power supply for audio-visual related equipment has recently been acknowledged, and we recommend the use of such power. With our Isolation Transformers, we ensure manufacturer-based support for AC200V power input (excluding transformers for musical instruments, and AVT-64SP/82SP), so customers wishing to modify a product after purchase should return the product (including the attached cable) to us.
It will normally take us 3 to 5 working days to modify and return the product. The modification charge will be \10,000 including exchanging and modifying the 200V power outlet plugs.
If an additional transformer is required, this will cost \5,000 per transformer.


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To ensure safety, please request a specialist contractor or qualified electrical worker to carry out the wall outlet electric wiring work.
Please avoid requesting unqualified workers to carry out the work, or using the 100V wall outlet for other purposes, as this may lead to a serious accident.

Based on consideration of points such as sound quality, safety, price and availability, we recommend using the following manufacturers’ 200V wall outlets.

Recommended wall outlet

PL ・・・Plainシリーズ

  • Matsushita Electric Works Co., Ltd. WN1932 (200V-dedicated ground outlet)

Plugs handled by Nakamura Corporation


  • 250V15A
    200V-dedicated plug stabilizer cable
    Without clamp

If the above items are not suitable, there is also the ME7018 made by Meikosha↓ (Please enter “ME7018” in the remarks column when ordering.)

ME7018 made by Meikosha

ME7018 made by Meikosha

L6 outlet (3220-L6)

L6 outlet(3220-L6)

  • L6 outlet (3220-L6) (rhodium plated)

NEMA 250V20A (3220-L6)

L6 outlet(3220-L6)

  • NEMA 250V20A
    Locking type plug (rhodium plated)


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